Top 7 long weekend binge worthy shows


With the Easter long weekend upon us its only fair for me to share my top picks of shows to binge on! I have chosen ones that are all available on Netflix so it covers most people’s at home streaming service.

Gilmore Girls!

This is my ALL TIME favourite TV show, i am talking i watch all seasons at least once every couple of months. It’s a show about a mother and daughter and their lives in the “quiet” town of Stars Hollow. Its romantic, funny and tugs at the heart strings! BONUS once you have watched season one through to seven you can watch the Netflix Original ‘Gilmore Girls: A year in the life’.

13 Reasons Why

If you haven’t already jumped on the band wagon then get on up there!This is show is emotional but yet so amazingly good. It explores the life of a teenager Hannah Baker who took her own life and leaves 13 tapes behind discusses the reasons why she chose to end her life. The show is incredibly made with a combination of present day and flash backs as you listen to her tapes. Get the tissues and chocolate out and prepare yourself.


An easy and addictive show to binge watch. Every Friday night Netflix AU release a new episode with only three episodes left to be released for season one. The show is set in present day but has an eighties vibe about it as a group of high schoolers discover the dark secrets their small town has. It’s a classic teen TV show thats easy to watch and with some amazing eye candy it makes a great watch!

Stranger Things

This Sci-fi horror Netflix Original is brilliantly made and super addictive! At first i was very unsure if i would like the show as it follows four boys and their new friend trying to figure out what lurks within their town. Its jam packed so theres no fast forwarding or skipping episodes with this show! Prepare to watch it all in one sitting, thats just how addicted you become trying to figure out whats going on.

The Get Down


Set in The Bronx during the 70’s it discovers the development of RnB and disco music through four young boys, their DJ friend and a young girl who sings in her fathers church. With Part two recently being released you can binge watch the two parts back to back. The show has a great soundtrack to get into your head as well as a bit romance, comedy and drama.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 5edec5c2_Unbreakable-Kimmy-Schmidt.png

This hilarious Netflix Original looks at a woman name Kimmy Schmidt who was held captive under ground for many years and has now been released into the world. It follows her journey of making new friends, getting a job and finding somewhere to live. It all sounds very serious but the show is a comedy with some hilarious and fantastic characters!

The Crown


Last but not least is The Crown! If you love movies and TV shows based on true events/history like me then you will also love this show. The drama is about the current Queen Elizabeth and her journey to becoming the Queen. It discusses her love life with Prince Phillip, her relationship with her family, her sister Margarets love life and political and social events all happening during her life. Highly addictive and if you don’t google something or someone from the show at least once then somethings wrong with you.

So theres my top 7 picks for you to binge on over the Easter long weekend! If you have a favourite show that isn’t listed leave a comment with its name so i can check it out!