Every Cent Counts

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If you are like me and yearning to go back to your favourite international destination then you know how hard it is to save up that money. Saving all of your spare change can really help, sometimes it may seem small but every penny counts.

On my last holiday the money from my change box ended paying for our Taxi fares to and from the airport equalling almost $200. I highly recommend investing in one of Splosh’s Change boxes, they are cute and give inspiration every time you look at it.

My personal change box as pictured is for my “travel fund” however they come with all different designs for your next adventure, wedding, or shopping trip. At only $30 they also make great gifts!

If you don’t want to buy a money box you can easily make one out of an empty bottle, box or jar you have lying around the house. Add all of those pesky coins floating around your bag or that are taking up bulky space in your wallet. Every cent counts when you’re planning your next holiday.

Browse through Splosh’s collection here.


Welcome to the wonderful world of TDP


Well welcome to The Delightful Panda! so glad you chose to stop by and view our Blog. We are currently in the process of uploading some posts over the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled for some seriously good stuff coming your way!

The Delightful Panda or TDP for short is trying to prove all those idiot bitches that they are wrong about Plus size women and that Plus Size bitches can do, like and enjoy everything skinny bitches can. We like honesty so prepare for some swear words and realness coming for ya.

We are however more than just a blog thats going to whinge about how unfair the world can be towards Plus Size women. We will also include some of our fave fashion trends for ALL sizes and beauty favourites.

Combine the fashion and beauty talk with some lifestyle and travel advice and you’ve got the TDP all wrapped up in a nutshell.

Can’t wait for you to join us on this ride so go and click that follow button, find us on Insta and get ready for some awesome shit coming your way!